Thursday of Week IV of Lent

Pope St. Sylvester I built the Basilica of St. Martin ai Monti in the fourth century. A synod was held here to prepare for the Council of Nicaea in 325, after which the Nicene Creed was proclaimed here in Rome. The church was restored in the 6th century and dedicated to St. Martin of Tours.

Since 1299, the parish has been administered by the Carmelite Fathers whose general curia is next to the church. Greatly revered by Romans for his service of the poor, Angelo Paoli (1642-1720) was beatified by the pope last year and was buried in this church.

Kazimierz Nycz, Poland's youngest cardinal and the archbishop of the Polish capital, is the Cardinal-Priest of the titular church. The title is known as Saints Sylvester and Martin in memory of the founder of the basilica. Pope Pius XI and Pope Paul VI were protectors of the title before they were elected to the papacy. The church is also one of the 62 minor basilicas in Rome.

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