Friday of Week II of Lent

Built in the year 400, Pope Innocent I dedicated the Basilica of St. Vitalis and Companion Martyrs in 402 to the martyrs St. Gervase and St. Protase, whose father is St. Vitalis. It has been restored multiple times, especially for the Jubilee of 1475.

It is located next to the neoclassical Palazzo delle Esposizioni, on the popular bus route of Via Nazionale that goes from Termini to the Vatican.

Cardinal Adam Maida, archbishop emeritus of Detroit, is presently the Cardinal Priest of the church. St. John Fisher, who was killed by King Henry VIII, was among the previous titulars. Pope Paul III made him a cardinal in the hope that the king would spare him, but after a month he died a martyr for refusing to declare the king as the Supreme Head of the Church of England. Pope Pius XI canonized John Fisher in 1935.

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