Second Sunday of Lent

In the 3rd century, a noblewoman named Cyriaca owned a house at this site and provided it as a meeting place for Christians and a refuge for the poor. St. Lawrence spent time here to give alms to the poor. After the martyrdom of Lawrence, she was also killed for her faith. (See Thursday of Week I of Lent for the martyrdom of St. Lawrence.)

The Church of St. Mary in Domnica was built over the site during the pontificate of Paschal I around 820 AD. Presently, the American Cardinal William Levada, the successor of Joseph Ratzinger as the Prefect of Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, is the Cardinal-Deacon of the diaconate church. The future Popes Leo X and Clement VIII were also Cardinal Deacons of the church.

Opposite the church is the Basilica of San Stefano Rotondo, which we will visit on Friday of the Fifth Week of Lent.

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