Monday of Week III of Lent

Built in 336 by Pope Mark, the Basilica of St. Mark was one of the original 25 parishes in Rome. It was dedicated to St. Mark the Evangelist, one of the 70 disciples of Christ, the founder of the Church of Alexandria, and the first writer of the first gospel shortly after 70 AD. The Gospel of Mark then became a source for Matthew and Luke. The church was later also to Pope St. Mark who lived at that site.

Cardinal Marco Cé, Patriarch emeritus of Venice, is the Cardinal-Priest of the titular church. Venice, of course, is most famous for its own Byzantine-style Basilica of St. Mark which holds the tomb of the evangelist and has the saint as its patron. Cardinal Albino Luciani, who was also Patriarch of Venice and later became Pope John Paul I was Cardinal-Priest of this basilica, as well as six other popes.

Each region of Italy has a church in Rome to give pastoral care to the people coming from the region. Fittingly, this church was assigned to the Venetian people living in Rome.

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