Universal Church

This will perhaps be the most exciting new feature on your favourite website. You will be able to see the distribution of dioceses around the world on an interactive map! This will allow researchers and laypeople alike to concretely grasp the universality of the Catholic Church!

A picture is worth a thousand words. Here is a map of the dioceses in Asia:

Each type of circumscriptions employs a different symbol. Dioceses use a Latin cross; archdioceses have a double-bar cross; patriarchates and major archdioceses use a triple-bar cross. Eastern-rite sees are denoted by brown markers, and Latin-rite purple.

Here is a map of North America:

You will be able to zoom in seamlessly:

You will be able to filter by rite. This is the map for the Ukrainian rite:

When will this new feature be available? The interactive maps will be released when total donation reaches $2,000. Much more work is needed for fine-tuning and integration to the website. If you donate, this will encourage me to work faster! Please read the rationale behind the much needed donations.

Finally, this is my favourite map:

You can see clearly the demographics of the African population, with the Sahara desert separating Northern Africa from the thriving sub-Saharan countries. A huge Catholic population can be found in Western Africa, as well as countries around Lake Victoria.

We can really learn a lot from these maps. I hope you are excited about this! Please donate according to your ability to give!

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