Good Friday

On this epic day of salvation, we come back to the  Basilica of the Holy Cross in Jerusalem built by St. Helen to store the relics brought back from Jerusalem. This, however, is not a popular destination of tourists or pilgrims because of its distance from the centre of Rome. This gives the advantage that the basilica is most of the time empty, allowing you to spend quiet time in the basilica, admiring the mosaics under the dome.

Among the relics found of St. Helen, you can see here in display a nail attached to the True Cross, and part of the wood attached to the Cross on which is written "Jesus the Nazarene, King of the Jews" in Hebrew, Latin and Greek (see Jn. 19:19; Mt 27:37; Mk. 15:26; Lk 23:38).

Helen actually found three crosses at the site of Jesus's burial, but could not determine which one was the True Cross. The bishop of Jerusalem suggested that the crosses be brought to a dying woman. When she touched the first and second one, nothing happened, but on being touched by the third Cross, she was instantly healed.

The piece of wood attached to the True Cross was actually detached when found. It is quite amazing that it can last till today.

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